Monday, June 8, 2009

Is this really happening?

Okay, so I should probably just say I am alive and well, friends from Seattle... I just feel overwhelmed by how much I have to update on here... that I haven't "scheduled" in the time to do so. Be it as that may... I cannot help myself but share this truly depressing news.

The weather must seriously be confused. Today (and on Saturday) it has been snowing. Yes you heard me right, snowing on June 8th, summer. A week ago it was in the 90's, but right now a whoppin' 38 degrees. Hopefully this is a fluke and won't be the regular habits of Montana's summer weather each year, since Montanans are surprised as well.

Note to Shellie Ford: the weather for Thursday (when you'll be visiting me!!!) is going to be a sunny 72 degrees. So you don't need to be scared by this temporary winter, lol.