Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are you Kristi's Sister? Uh, what?

So, funny story....

Short version:
So I got all dressed up all cute and did my hair & makeup, because hey it's my birthday. BUT I had to laugh when Ethan's preschool teachers thought I must be a sister of me!

Long version:
Today is my birthday so I got all dressed up all cute, did my hair with curlers so it had lots of volume, did my make up, and wore my last pair of old, irritating, blurry 5 year old prescription contacts. The kids thought the curlers were hilarious and said, "Mom, you are the weirdest person. You look so funny!" I informed them that I would in fact be taking them out and the curlers will make my hair curly and lovely. That was fascinating to them as well.
So after I was all dressed up... for myself, I went to drop Ethan off at preschool. I was signing him in when I noticed his teacher just squinting at me, pondering something. She asks me, "Are you going to be picking Ethan up today too?" I answered, "Yes, of coarse", when I realized, maybe they don't recognize me. What an odd question to ask. So I said, "Oh it's me, I just am not wearing my glasses today and I'm all done up!" She laughed and said she thought I must be a sister of me! Then the other teacher hearing us, agreed and said she didn't recognize me either! We all laughed and then I said this could be how I looked all the time if I put any effort into it...

... apparently I need to put some more effort once and a while. I used to on Sundays, but 9 am church with three kids results in nothing amazing. Ok it's been a long time (as my Seattle friends know) since I actually curled my hair each day along with daily makeup applications. But what mother does? I seem to have gotten used to my el natural look, along with glasses. I keep chuckling about this afternoon with the teachers.