Monday, November 10, 2008

Lydia reading to the boys

Lydia is loving school and reads to the us every night for 15 minutes. Ethan is still fascinated that she can read. He is so excited the next year he will be in Kindergarten and will learn how to read as well. Together they (literally) fantasize about next year how they will be together for recess and can play hide and seek together or whatever. One positive thing about our move to Helena, MT is that they have become really close to each other since they don't have any friends around like they did in Seattle. Oh Seattle. I miss everyone so much!!!! I will treasure those memories and friendships of those 4 years for the rest of my life. Truly.

P.S. I have both pictures there because Ethan kept smiling as I was taking the picture all nice but then the last split second he'd make a crazy face and I wouldn't even know about it till after and then we would all laugh. It was funny. Third time was a charm. haha. They looked so cute all siting together on one single couch cushion. Each of them really love stories being read to them... which makes me so happy as I am a reading fanatic. It's crazy I didn't really get into reading and loving it until after I was married. I wish I knew how awesome it was as a teenager.

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cat said...

super cute. moments like that are just priceless.