Monday, January 12, 2009

Nursery, here we come!

Can I just say I am so excited. Yesterday Charlie was his first time in nursery at church!!!! He is 17 months old, but THEY TOLD ME to just start bringing him in the beginning of January since so many others will be moving up to Sunbeams. Is that not just the best news ever! My ecstatic response was, "SURE! Ok! Are you being serious!" My countdown to nursery diminished by a whole month. Maybe I can actually LISTEN in church now! I almost forgot how nice it was to sit in church and be enlightened without having to chase down little ones who try to stray away and pulling out all the stops with my Merry Poppins bag of Church things to entertain them.

Charlie "found out"about the nursery a few weeks ago when someone who was walking in front of him opened the nursery room door and so he followed them in... seeing all the toys everywhere. His eyes lit up and his mouth actually dropped as he inwardly gasped in glee as he found this wonderland! It was pretty cute. I let him play in there for a while until I had to teach the 3rd hour in Young Women's... he was pretty mad about having to leave his wonderland of toys, but I had to go find Mike so he could take him for the last hour of Church. It was that day they told me to just start bringing him in January to nursery. I take him to work out with me at the gym and once in the childcare room, he just waves me goodbye. Where did my baby go?


Anja said...

Nursery is the best thing ever! I count down the days as well, now I've started all over...Kardyn goes into nursery in December

Becca said...

Ben and I were looking at the pictures from the b-day party last year and we were laughing, because Lydia looked so cute with her dress and jewelry (we especially love the ring.) :)